Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fairytale? Not yet...

I have recently found that I need to be more careful with who I let hold my heart. Right now it's pretty tattered, torn and broken...... but I guess that I can't blame anybody other than myself for lacking good judgement and common sense. Like I said in a previous post, sometimes you just gotta jump. But sometimes it's more wise and safe not to. I guess that's where good judgement comes in, something I obviously lack. I jumped and fell for someone who was too scared to jump for me. I could be angry and bitter, but I have to say that I wish I would have been too scared....instead I overlooked all the would-be fears and hold backs.  I've been looking for and expecting a fairytale. Sure, call me naive and a romantic fantasist but I am still looking for and expecting my very own fairytale. Out of trials come growth and expansion, and I know that from these experiences, I am just being more refined and prepared for my very own Prince Charming. :) My life may not be fairytale.... not yet at least. :)

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